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Ten Commandments
The Seven Deadly Sins
Internal Sins
Physical Sins
General Sins
Abortion...any cooperation in the act of an abortion, including giving your approval
Any practice of the occult, e.g., Ouija boards or tarot cards
Any use of illegal drugs, including alcohol for those under the legal age of consumption
Bringing scandal or dishonor to my family, school, community, nation, or to Holy Mother Church
Calumny...the destroying of another's good name by the telling of lies
Deliberate betrayal of secrets without just cause
Deliberate breaking of promises without just cause
Detraction...the destroying of another's good name by the telling of truth which you have no business telling
Direct euthanasia...the direct and intentional murder of one who is ill
Disregard for the environment
Disobedience toward rightful authority...parents, teachers, employers, the law
Divination...seriously consulting horoscopes, astrology, or interpreting omens
Excessive consumerism
Failure to tend to the needs of the poor
Failing to avoid the near occasion of sin...placing oneself in a situation known to be very tempting toward evil
Greed...the desire to acquire earthly goods without limit
Indifference to good or evil
Making an idol of one's own body
Malice...delight in the works of evil
Missing Mass on any Sunday or Holy Day of Obligation
Prejudice...condoning the belief that one's value rests in race, creed, or gender
Rash judgement...assuming as true the moral fault of another without just cause
Reckless driving that endangers your life or the lives of others
Sacrilege...treating irreverently the things that are holy
Sorcery...the attempt to tame evil forces under one's own control
Tempting another toward evil acts
Vandalism Wanton destruction of nature

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