Welcome to the eRosary

This is intended as both a learning tool, and a subsitute for the physical beads. Jesus and Mary care about your prayers, not the beads themselves.

The arrow shows which bead (or knot, or cross) you are on. Beneath are shown the prayer(s) for that bead.

First you must select the set of mysteries to consider, this depends on the day of the week, except Sundays - which are special:

Day of WeekMysteries to Consider
MondayThe Joyful Mysteries
TuesdayThe Sorrowful Mysteries
WednesdayThe Glorious Mysteries
ThursdayThe Joyful Mysteries
FridayThe Sorrowful Mysteries
SaturdayThe Glorious Mysteries
Sunday of AdventThe Joyful Mysteries
Sunday after Epiphany, before LentThe Joyful Mysteries
Sunday in LentThe Sorrowful Mysteries
Sunday after Easter, before AdventThe Glorious Mysteries

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